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Applied Meta Projects is an art & type direction studio based in Paris. Please contact us for original illustrations, branding and custom typefaces 🡢 ✉

Recent projects:

Trialogues logotype
for Trialogues — 2022

Trialogues is a research project by philosopher Pablo Pérez Navarro for the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra. The logotype of the project is based on the notion of cultural exchange, where communication stems from the combination of shared points of view and not from individual declarations.

Netflix Illustrations
for The Good Life Magazine — 2022
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A series of illustrations about the rise of the Netflix company. The hero illustration features themes common to the streaming service (science-fiction, historical drama, medieval fantasy, nature documentaries), while secondary illustrations dwelve into the details of films and series financed by it. Objects and symbols refer to specific episodes of the series and act as easter eggs for devoted fans.

Train freight in the US
for The Good Life Magazine — 2022

An infographic comparing the seven major freight train companies in the US. Total rail lenghts, total revenue and net revenue of these companies are assembled in a two-axis chart, so the space the infographic takes on the page is optimized.

Irichen logotype
for Irichen — 2021

Irichen is a small company in El Hierro, Canary Islands, specialised in fresh organic produce and craftmanship. The name of the company refers to an ancient Canarian word for "wheat", as a way to signify fertility.

The client sought a circular logo that could be applied as an inked stamp to fruit crates and packaging. The symbols contained in it represent the sun (it's spiral shape refers to ancient engravings found on the Canary Islands) and a wavy sea.

Picaflor typeface
for Cercle magazine — 2021
Custom typeface

Picaflor is a hybrid display typeface with a French didone skeleton and many calligraphic surprises, inspired by the Spanish vernacular tradition. It comes in 7 optical sizes for your convenience (and a variable version). You can download Picaflor now for free on Tunera Type Foundry.

Picaflor was created for the 9th issue of Cercle magazine, which was dedicated to flowers. The typeface was used on the cover and interior pages of the magazine, which was designed by Cercle Studio.

Demography of Miami
for The Good Life magazine — 2018

A double-spread infographic about the demographics of the Miami county and Miami DAE. The colour palette, with its pink and yellow tones, was inspired by the city's culture. Featuring the ever-growing skyline, a beach cabins and the notoriously elusive pink flamingo.